Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Conversation between my fiancee & me, returning from the Hollywood Bowl:

Adelphia: Did you enjoy that?

Michael: Sure.

A: What's wrong?

M: Nothing.

A: Oh, you never like going to the Bowl. It wasn't crowded this time.

M: I know. I liked it, really.

A: Was it the music?

M: Well, you said it would be Mozart.

A: Yeah, but I'm sorry it didn't have Tom Hulce doing his Amadeus giggle.

M: C'mon, I'm not some kind of philistine.

A: No, but you like Chopin because it's used in that episode of "Tom & Jerry" where the cat figures out a way to fly. You only know Georges Bizet's Carmen from the soundtrack to the Bad News Bears. What am I supposed to think?

M: I happen to know that Mozart composed The Marriage of Figaro. Isn't that right?

A: Yeah.

M: And wasn't Figaro the Barber of Seville?

A: I guess.

M: Well, I enjoyed the mezzo-soprano singer they had tonight, but she did everything in Italian but they never got to the big number.

A: What are you talking about?

M: Where was that song with the kid with the cowlick and the razor and strop?

A: You mean from "The Little Rascals"?

M: "I'm the Barber of Sevillllle! Figaro! Figaro! Figaro!"

A: Otay, Alfalfa.


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