Thursday, July 10, 2008

Every time I read a story about how the polar ice is melting, it depresses me.

Yes, of course, because global warming blah blah ozone layer recycle your children are the future depletion of Al Gore and all that...

But I wanna be able to do the Antarctic Ice Marathon someday.

P01a p02a

Crazy, I know. But it combines my fascination with the Arctic (or its flipside), and love of running. My friends who've done marathons are up for it, too.

p4 p3

It requires a lot of time and money, neither of which I have right now. But maybe someday. And I'd need to start training. Adding mileage to my runs for sure, but I'm not daunted by the distance. It's the cold, man. Living in LA has thinned my blood to the point that if it drops below 65 degrees, you can find me gathering kindling for the fireplace.

So for now, this global warming thing doesn't seem like the worst thing in the world. But if it continues, the Antarctic Ice Marathon wouldn't be different than any other race.


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