Monday, July 21, 2008

hey wuts up w/u?

im just chillin

o sht batman is kewl

heath ledger + joker = awesum

its sad :(

crstian bale iz so hot he makes me ? my sexualty

m not gay tho Iswear

batmobile iz phat

peepl nxt to me R pissd

wot jerx

telling me not 2 txt u

just cos im in d mo-V the-8r

i like aron eckhrt 2

but really i like girlz

magie gyllenhaal = hot

almst as much az jake

i cant figer out wot just happnd in moV

cos the guy thru his junior mintz atme

mm junior mintz

now hez gttng up and

omg hez gona pour hiz soda on my nu iFone


*Caller out of service*


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