Friday, July 18, 2008

Hollywood's a hip happening hangout... at night. But having to go there early in the morning, here's 3 observations I made:

1. The Amoeba Records/Arclight Theatre parking lot is apparently the daytime resting place for the hearse that advertises its tour of local celebrity murders and other untimely deaths. It's not everyday you see a hearse with more prominent advertisements than a NASCAR vehicle, but I forgot the name of the actual company. I figured I could Google it later. Turns out, there are several haunted hearses in Hollywood. Hunh.

2. There's no line at Pink's. Let me say that again: There's no line at Pink's. There's always a line at Pink's, no matter what time of day. Okay, I looked that up afterwards, too, and it turns out they're closed between 3AM and 9:30AM and I'm usually sleeping or passed out at that time. But when I drove past and thought they might be open and I could possibly get a delicious hot dog with everything without waiting in a line that stretched down La Brea Avenue, I got so excited -- I didn't care if it was 8AM. Hot dogs for breakfast!

3. Speaking of lines, there was also an array of girls camped out on the street outside the parking structure at Amoeba. I never understand how anyone can queue up for that long. Even a Pink's hot dog's isn't worth it. The guys at the edit bay I went to all wondered what those girls were waiting for. One thought perhaps since there were mini studios and post facilities all around (like the one we were in), it was a casting call. But we all acknowledged that they didn't seem like actresses -- young girls for sure, yet they were all normal-looking teenieboppers, not glammed out starlet wannabes. Someone suggested maybe that the part was for a specific type -- the kind who don't look like glammed out starlet wannabes. Yeah, or maybe Amoeba was selling tickets to a concert or something. A couple of hours later, the girls were still there. I had to know. I walked up to the end of the line and asked what they were waiting for. They girls all answered in unison with gleeful anticipation: "Jonas Brothers!" Ahh, of course.


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