Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I baked more of those delicious, healthy cupcakes I made last week. Someone had commented that they needed icing, but actually, they don't. What the photo didn't convey is how moist and fluffy they were on the bottom, and magically creamy they were on top, like the cake became icing itself.

Don't worry, this blog won't turn into a recipe site. Not even for good hearty food guys can prepare on the grill. And not even if my fiancée continues to butter me up, lookin' cute and telling me, "I got you a present!" Very sweet, and while we needed a plate to serve barbecued dishes, obviously, the gift was designed to keep me grillin' & illin'.

Of course I appreciate the compliment... although I don't know who else could compete with me for Best Chef in the Whole Backyard. The place couldn't fit more than myself, my fiancée and her tomato vine. Considering Adelphia isn't exactly vying for the position, and the tomato plant died and was replaced by a lemon tree which is thriving, but nevertheless not interested in replacing propane tanks and flippin' meat with a spatula, I'm in a category all by myself.

Still, last night I made some awesome grilled chicken. I discovered that in addition to rosemary and garlic -- forget salt & pepper -- just add lemon pepper which already has the other spices, along with a little extra zing. Delicious.

Hell, bring in Bobby Flay as a contender. I think I could defend my title.


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