Thursday, July 31, 2008

I did it. Blogged every day this month. 31 flavors, baby.

Oh yeah, I should probably put up some content today, something of substance.

Fine. The more I read about the latest space exploration discoveries, the more I'm convinced there's no life out there, despite what NASA says. Yes, alien life forms are alive and unwell... at Comic-Con in San Diego -- I've seen 'em -- but not Mars.

I say this because it just seems like the eggheads are trying so hard to reach that happy nerd-fantasy conclusion -- to be like Captain Kirk with some green three-bosomed nymphomaniac morphing Martian chick -- no matter what they evidence they get.

"Oh, we will find intelligent life on Mars."

"Maybe not intelligent life, but more like people who watch 'America's Got Talent'."

"Well, okay, this data could indicate there was once an environment that contained the elements that could support, under the right circumstances -- such as an asteroid hitting just the Sea of Tranquility on a balmy Thursday and bringing with it carbon-based Sea Monkeys -- a few molecules that resemble -- well, not an entire organism, but if you squint, it mighta kinda looked like a virus... or a manatee."

I know, I know. I'm being way too cynical again. Everyone hopes to find signs of life out there, but when the so-called revelation leads to more money and time devoted to this fact-finding mission, it sets off my bullshit detector.

Remember the search in Iraq for weapons of mass destruction?

"We definitely found WMDs."

"Did I say WMDs? I meant BVDs. But it was the underwear worn by people working on chemical weapons. OMG. I swear I'm not on LSD."

"There's indications that someone might have, at one point, thought about possibly becoming interested in looking into considering something remotely involved with -- wait, what were we talking about?"

I dunno, maybe there's no connection between these two things, and I'm stretching a point for this blog post.

Whattaya want? July was a long month.


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