Sunday, July 27, 2008

Why did I come back from Comic-Con early? So I could spend one full day in our apartment by myself without Adelphia, who's off in NY for her bridal shower.

Woke well-rested 'cause I had the entire bed and no one else's alarm going off.

Read the papers without anyone bugging me for a section or jabbering on about corny how-they-met stories in the Sunday Styles.

Took all the time I wanted during my run on the beach since I didn't have to get back and go with Adelphia somewhere and barely be able to walk 'cause I just ran.

Now, I'm about to eat Chinese food, which she never lets me order -- the Weight Watchers Points value may go up astronomically, and ruin me anatomically, but the dishes are delicious gastronomically.

And I'll watch some stupid movie, without my fiancee telling me how stupid the movie is.

It's gonna be great.

Man, I miss her.


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