Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Adelphia: Thanks for getting me kosher deli, but I'm so sick, I can hardly taste the matzoh ball soup.

Michael: Oh, you poor thing. Then no sense you trying that black and white cookie either.

A: I knew it. You got the black and white cookie for you.

M: I got it for us to share. That’s what the black and white cookie’s all about. Sharing. And equality.

A: Yeah, but knowing you, you're gonna end up eating most of it.

M: Just the black part. I like the chocolate.

A: No way -- this cookie's got more white than black.

M: Really?

A: Yeah, that's not fair. What, were they trying to reflect the U.S. population?

M: I doubt the baker was following American demographics. If he was, by 2042, it'll have to be the other way around.

A: Talk to me then, maybe I'll share my cookie.


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