Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The conversation that saved me $3, but made me want a $6 scotch afterwards:

Michael: How much to get this shirt pressed?
Dry Cleaner: Six dollars.
M: You’re kidding.
DC: Alright, five.
M: Keep getting more serious.
DC: No, really it’s five dollars.
M: But if I had this shirt laundered here, it’d be two bucks.
DC: You want it laundered?
M: No, just pressed.
DC: But you just said laundered.
M: No, I don’t need it laundered. It’s new. I just unwrapped it and it’s perfectly clean. But it’s all creased from being in the packaging and I can’t go to my wedding in a wrinkled tuxedo shirt.
DC: Of course not.
M: So how much would it be to just get it pressed?
DC: Well, let’s see… a tuxedo shirt…
M: It’s the same as regular shirt. My fiancée wouldn’t let me get one with the ruffles in front.
DC: Ruffles would be harder to get pressed.
M: Of course.
DC: That would cost more.
M: I'm sure. Good thing it doesn't have any ruffles.
DC: So…um…
M: Okay, pretend you just laundered this shirt, and now, before you put it on the hanger, what do you do?
DC: We press it.
M: How much is that?
DC: Oh, I see. Two dollars.
M: Thank you.
DC: We'll have it for you Friday.
M: Great. Now, any bars open around here?


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