Friday, August 15, 2008

I just got a message from my sister that my uncle had to have emergency heart surgery. I think he'll be okay, but he'll spend so much time in the hospital he won't be able to make the wedding, which is really disappointing.

Like I said, though, he'll do fine; he's already recovering. In fact, he had the surgery Wednesday, but I only first heard about it tonight and I'll give him a call tomorrow.

Under the circumstances, I'm kinda glad I didn't learn about this sooner. Last night Adelphia and I went to the Hollywood Bowl, and for once, I wasn't worrying about my sick mom or hearing about my cousin Morty passing away. If I had heard about my uncle, I wouldn't have been able to enjoy the performance of The Planets, and I'd start to wonder if my visits to the Bowl cosmically and not coincidentally cause health issues for family members.

So when Adelphia tried to talk me into going next weekend's concert, I refused simply because I can't stand the crowds. Even my childhood crush Donna Summer couldn't get me out among those throngs of people. That's the only reason.

Still, as Howlin' Wolf sang: I ain't superstitious, black cat crossed my trail.


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