Saturday, August 02, 2008

When my fiancee returned from her bridal shower in NY, her mother called. I later learned that Adelphia's mom just wanted to tell me that she liked meeting my relatives. But at the time, here's the conversation that ensued:

Answering machine: Hi, Adelphia, it's Mom, just making sure you got back okay, and I want to talk to Michael later too.

Adelphia: Why does my mom want to talk to you?

Michael: I have no idea.

A: Are you and my mom planning some surprise shower for me or something?

M: What?! No.

A: I hate surprises, you know that. Why do you look guilty of something?

M: I swear on my life I'm not planning a surprise for you with your mom. I truly don't know why she wants to talk to me.

A: Okay.

M: But you really hate surprises that much? I mean, if I wanted to plan a surprise birthday party for you one day, I should forget it?

A: No, I just don't want you planning something for me with my mom.

M: Pfft, you got nothing to worry about.

Technically, I wasn't lying. Thanks Nina & Will & everyone who came and of course, Daisy the WonderNipples.


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