Thursday, November 27, 2008

Most Thanksgiving mornings I do some kind of long run -- a 10-miler or a fast 5K race -- so I can chow down with metabolic impunity. But today, the hell with it. I've been so exhausted from my schedule, this is the first chance I've had in a long time to sleep more than 6 hours a night... and, of course, blog.

So for your viewing, mouth-watering pleasure, here's some of the foods we'll be schlepping to the meal, and later in my belly: Adelphia's low-cal but delicious pumpkin muffins. And the wine, just in case my very-pregnant sister won't have booze, and you know when family gets together you gotta get your drink on.

I decided to break from my tradition of making pecan pie and go for an apple crumble instead. This decision was admittedly influenced by my healthy-eating wife, who informed me of the Weight Watchers points value of pecan pie using advanced calculus. She sent me a recipe for the apple-cranberry crumble on the right. It's basically fruit, cinnamon and granola and I'm sure it'll taste great, but uh, this isn't a hiking trip so spare me the trail-mix in a pie pan and gimme some caloric goodness. Enter the apple crumble on the left, full of sugar and butter and deliciousness. By the way, I know Chanukah's a month away, but we just got this nice glass menorah as a late wedding gift, and I like combining all the celebrations together. For now, Happy Thanksgiving.


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