Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Waited an hour and a half in line to vote -- and needed to rest up the last 2 months for that.

Developed a crush on Rachel Maddow. My wife doesn't seem to mind.

Spent last week carving skull pumpkins and spider pumpkins, wearing my wife's homemade knitted hat on my skull or spiders on my pumpkin.

IMG_2668 IMG_2670
IMG_2673 IMG_2639

I drive to Hollywood, write brilliance or schlock or schlocky brilliance for crazy long hours and fight traffic back: there goes half my day.

Been maintaining my running quota, usually before work, which means venturing out at 6:30AM, or even in the rain -- last weekend I tried to outrun a storm coming in from sea. Nature is one fast mother. I've covered over 1300 miles this year, beating my previous annual record and I've got 2 more months to go. A crazy obsession, considering that running that far would only get me to Saint Louis or Idaho.

I'm hoping to have fantastic frequent forays of photo-fied fun on this blog, not be a sporadically sparse sprinkler of spuriousness.

And hope next fall isn't about celebrating the Phillies or Sox or some other team's long championship drought. Hey, we Yankee fans have been waiting 8 years now.

And hope we have some real positive change soon, not another easily imitatable national joke that quickly proves to be not so funny.


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