Monday, December 15, 2008

I know, I know. Bad blogger.

I won't bore you with a big list of why I haven't written.

I'll just bore you with one reason -- running.

One reason, two milestones. This weekend I did a 10K race and beat my personal best time by 10 seconds. It may not sound like much, but I'm proud that I keep getting faster as I get older. By the time I'm a senior citizen I'll be giving those Kenyan guys a run for their money.

And I achieved that by accomplishing my goal of running 1,464 miles since January 1st. That's four miles a day for every day of the year, and there's over 2 weeks to spare. I've admitted it before -- it's a crazy obsession... which, by the way, has kept me healthy and fit all year. I'm feeling great... although a little tired lately with my long work hours. But hey, that much exercise has burned about 150,000 calories which equals some good eatin'.

So I'll definitely keep running, but not quite so much or with such regimented dedication. There's other things to focus on. New goals to set.

Like maybe blogging every day this week...


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