Sunday, December 28, 2008

Why I keep waking up earlier than I really want to:

• That stupid thing called work. But hey, I'm on vacation, so I can sleep late, right?

• No -- the next day, we had to get ready for our Vodka Latke party.

• Hungover, we had to drive out to Nevada.

• In Vegas had to go to the bank bright and early, just to wait half the day for those schmoes.

• Then, our unrequested hotel wake-up call in the form of "Housekeeping!" at 8 in the morning.

• Back home, Nanette & Brent came by to do a kind favor... too early for me, but halfway through their early AM Baby-Em day.

• Time Warner Cable reminding us every three hours that our bill is due next week, despite the fact that I paid it -- clearly, their accts receivable dept. has time off but the automated Nag-the-Customer section never takes a vacation.

• I ignore the home phone at 9AM this morning, which stops ringing before the msg comes on, and then my cellphone goes off. It's my sister, maybe. Normally, I'd still let it go to voicemail... but I figure I better answer. "Are you having your baby?" I say. No, but she's making room in her apartment for when it comes and wanted to know if I wanted Dad's coffee table (no, I told her a hundred times) or that old rocking chair that's broken but could be fixed if we track down someone who knows how to re-cane the seat, but isn't that comfortable anyway (way to sell it, Sis). I had told her to deal with all this months ago, but too tired, I just sigh and tell her I'll stop by in a day or two to help her with stuff. But now...

Lemme sleep, willya?!


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