Monday, January 05, 2009

My two biggest holiday gifts:

New TV
Flat-screen, sleek, black panel
Easy installation and covered for up to 3-year warranty
Perfect for hundreds of digital TV channels
Provides clear picture and state-of-the-art sound
Displays infantile programming
Takes up a lot of space in our living room
Great for DVDs and Blu-Rays
Will be outshined by next year's model
Costs a lot, but was on sale at Target, and used wedding gift cards

New Nephew
20" and growing
Puffy, roly-poly, pinkish
Requires serious maintenance and up to 3 years of diapers
Perfect 5 digits on each hand and foot
Often messy and noisy
Displays infantile behavior
Can hold in your arm, but also requires bassinet, stroller, baby seat, etc.
Cute in blue Osh-Kosh B'Gosh clothes
Will be outspoken for years to come
Costs a fortune, but my sister can hopefully handle it.


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