Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Good news: Our show got picked up for another season, and I'll be going back.
Bad news: That means more ridiculously long hours and even weekend work.
Good news: Hey it's a job. And a good one. In this economy, I'm super lucky.
Bad news: You realize reality TV is cheap which is why networks prefer it.
Good news: That sounds like good news for me.
Bad news: But what about the viewers, man?!
Good news: Hey, I write quality stuff.
Bad news: Whatever. Striving for this so-called quality has worn me out.
Good news: Well, anyway, I get a hiatus from work.
Bad news: When?
Good news: Uh... soon?
Bad news: And when do I go back?
Good news: Later...
Bad news: Can I really afford to be out of work for any amount of time?
Good news: Maybe.
Bad news: Do I know anything?
Good news: Well, I know that I plan to get a lot of things done during the hiatus.
Bad news: Yeah, right. Like what?
Good news: Well, I'm proud that I've kept up the exercise...
Bad news: But all my creative energy went toward the quality on the boob tube.
Good news: So now I can focus on other endeavors.
Bad news: When? I don't even know if and when I'll get a hiatus.
Good news: Okay, fine, I'll get going regardless of whether I have time off.
Bad news: Yeah, right. What am I gonna do?
Good news: Well, for starters, I could get back to blogging.
Bad news: Sure, more "quality" writing.


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