Monday, May 18, 2009

5 Lists of 5

5 things I've done on my work hiatus

A hundred loads of laundry, wait for the stupid cable guy and phone company dude to fix things
Left the house to avoid getting stuck with household chores
Exercised twice as hard to make up for time lost working long hours on the job
Did I mention sleep?

5 books I've finished and enjoyed recently

When You Are Engulfed in Flames by David Sedaris (not surprisingly, my favorite stories were when he befriended a spider and his morbid fascination with death)
The Victim by Saul Bellow (thought-provoking -- reminded me of quasi-friends/freeloaders I've known over the years)
Foreskin's Lament by Shalom Auslander (darkly hysterical, like Sedaris if he were recovering from an Orthodox Jewish upbringing)
Born Standing Up by Steve Martin (excellent, finished it in a day, and I'm not a fast reader. Excuuuse me.)
The Pigeon Wants a Puppy by Mo Willems (a classic -- after all, who doesn't want a puppy... or a walrus?)

5 things I haven't done on my hiatus
Drive 45 minutes and back to Hollywood every day
Join FaceBook
Join Twitter
Supposedly utilize my new iPhone to its fullest by not joining Twitter or Facebook
Visit Machu Picchu. But there's still time, right?

5 concoctions I like
Godfather -- scotch & amaretto
Lemon drop -- vodka with fresh squeezed Meyer lemons from friends' backyard & triple sec
Lemon shoplift -- when you crave that drink but are out of lemons and are too lazy to go to the store, so you sneak into a neighbor's yard and steal from their lemon trees.
Goodfella -- when you double fist a godfather and a Lemon shoplift
Redder than Red Eye -- coffee, espresso shots & sugar free Red Bull. Okay, I haven't actually tried this, but if I did I would be SO FRIGGIN' WIRED!

5 things I hope to do soon
Not worry about what I do or don't do
Get out of LA for a few days, if not to Machu Picchu
Contemplate the epistemological significance of... I dunno... the word epistemological... or contemplate my navel, whatever...
Blog more often
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