Thursday, June 04, 2009

Man, the excuses we throw out there to explain the lack of blogging. For me, it was enjoying my new marriage, then my long hours at work, and honestly, lately, by the time I get to write about something, my wife has already twittered it to nearly everyone I know. Most people are already privy to the fact that someone busted the window to Adelphia's car in order to steal her iPod... which we learned is part of a local crime spree on small electronics left in vehicles. If you haven't heard about this... well, take your GPS with you when you park in Santa Monica.

And my new concern is that even if it is old news, now I'll probably devote every post to our newest addition, Bernie. Look at this guy. Can you blame me if I wind up turning this place into a puppy blog?

IMG_0093 bc IMG_0088


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