Wednesday, October 07, 2009


Yeah, I'm back.
But so are my boys -- the Yankees are in the post-season again.

I'm particularly excited because I think they started getting it right this season, acquiring good, young talent who would do well in NY. I'm also psyched because I just finished Joe Torre's book, The Yankees Years. It was a gift from my wife (the 1-year paper anniversary), and surprisingly engrossing. Okay, not that surprising, considering Tom Verducci was the one who actually wrote it all.

Mostly, it was a trip down memory lane for me. I recalled every L.A. bar I was in when I watched these games, from the glorious '98 season of 125 wins (Dublin's), to the Subway Series (Yankee Doodle's), to the thrilling Mr. November loss to Arizona (San Francisco Saloon), to that amazing 2003 ALCS game 7 (Barney's Beanary), to the utter frustration that followed every moment after Boone's home run.

And now, as the Yankees take the field against Minnesota as I write this, I hope it'll be a return to form. For the Bombers, and maybe, for me with this blog.

Also, if Joe Torre's Dodgers can kick ass in the national league, maybe we can get a World Series to match my childhood memories of LA vs. NY.

And who knows, maybe I can see my Bombers live in Dodgers Stadium this year.


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